Document File Storage  

Create your own private cloud storage for saving and sharing files.

Unlike other cloud storage systems , this one is private and hosted on your own web server. ..No public access. At a fraction of the cost.

Data is backed up on your premises as well as on the web server.

Share files or folders with teams or customers , with very specific conditions , like read only , or any level of control you decide they can have.

Access from any pc or mobile device (app Available).

Files can be added directly via the web browser , or install a small sync software app on your laptop or computer and it automatically sync’s the folders you specify.

You can share price lists with the sales team , and accounts documents with the accounts team. and each team only sees what you allow them.

Share documents with clients , like Proof of delivery and invoices , so you get paid quicker.

Drivers and sales people on the road can scan in and  upload documents on the go.

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